Maxine, Simona and Kathryn, the editors of the JCER, would like to express their deep sadness at the death of Luke Foster on Monday 26th October. We would also like to be sure that Luke receives the acknowledgement for his work for the JCER that he deserves but which he never sought. The editors and editorial board more widely are acknowledged publicly; our authors and reviewers likewise. But perhaps what only a few of us knew was Luke’s role in getting each publication out and in driving the journal forward. As editors, we have been able to rely on Luke to work with us, helping us in the organisation of the publications, while taking full responsibility for managing the layout of each issue. Layout is not as easy as one might think and everyone whose table or graph has ended up looking better than when they first submitted it can thank Luke for that! It would be far from the truth to suggest, however, that his technical skills were all that were brought to bear on behalf of the journal. In this aspect of his work for UACES, as in so many others, Luke has been a quiet, creative, supportive, pragmatic and vital influence. Since we took over the editorship of the JCER, we have made it our mission to improve the regularity and quality of publication and all that we have achieved in this regard could not have been done without Luke; we simply could not have produced new initiatives or risen through the rankings without him. We will miss his ideas, his technical skills, his patient tenacity - and his polite, often humorous nudges and reminders. The work of the JCER, like that of UACES, will continue, of course, not least with the help of Emily Linnemann and Richard Lewis. For Luke’s other great achievement was always to see that we functioned as a team, remembering that our work is conducted in service of a community. Nevertheless, he will be sorely missed by all those of us who had the privilege of knowing and working with him. Rest in peace, dear Luke.