Simona Guerra and Kathryn Simpson will be stepping down from their role as JCER Editors, effective 1 September 2017.

Three new Editors have been appointed in their place: Christopher Huggins from Keele University, Ken McDonagh of Dublin City University, and Anthony Salamone of the University of Edinburgh.

Maxine David remains in place as Editor-in-Chief.


Christopher Huggins, Keel University

"I am a Teaching Fellow in European Politics based at Keele University in the UK, teaching EU politics and comparative European politics. My research centres on the relationship between the subnational and EU levels and I'm currently focusing on the impact of Brexit on British local government. JCER has gained a well-deserved good reputation for publishing the work of early career researchers alongside established scholars, and I'm keen to see this continue. I'm also keen to see JCER's profile increase, not only among the UACES membership but the wider European Studies community too."



Ken McDonagh, Dublin City University

“I am a lecturer in International Relations in the School of Law and Government, Dublin City University. My current research focuses on the gendered impact of CSDP missions in the Western Balkans. I also work more broadly on EU foreign and security policy issues. I am looking forward to working with Maxine, Chris and Anthony to continue building on JCER's growing reputation, with a particular focus on emphasising the multi-disciplinary nature of research on Europe.”



Anthony Salamone, University of Edinburgh

“I am PhD Candidate in British and European Politics at the University of Edinburgh, as well as Research Fellow and Strategic Advisor at the Scottish Centre on European Relations. My research focuses on the politics of the UK’s and Scotland’s EU relations. As the discipline of European studies evolves, it is more important than ever to embrace digital, open-access platforms for research and scholarly debate. JCER exemplifies this approach, and I am delighted to contribute to developing the journal further and taking forward its worthwhile mission.”