Call for Copy: Teaching, Learning and the Profession

The JCER Special Section entitled Teaching, Learning and the Profession is devoted to addressing issues associated with teaching and learning in European Studies, defined as a subject area in its broadest sense.

It aims to provide a forum for debate and reflection as an academic community on the challenges confronting us as a profession generally but also give particular voice to specific challenges for ES scholars. It also aims to be  a provider of practical, viable and realistic ways in which the challenges we face as a profession can be met. In so doing, we hope to contribute in our own small way to taking the European Studies field forward as an academic subject area and securing its continued place as an important aspect of University curricula.

The section welcomes all sorts of articles that reflect the diverse range of issues we face in the profession and submissions may take the form of inter alia longitudinal studies, surveys of the literature, single or comparative case studies. If you are interested in contributing to this section, please get in touch for an informal discussion.

Karen Heard-Laureote, Section Editor