Call for Editors: Special Issue 2020

JCER – Special Issue 2020: Call for Editors


Applications are invited for the guest editorship of a special issue of the Journal of Contemporary European Research (JCER) to be published in 2020 (Volume 16, Issue 2) under the general supervision of the JCER editors.


Proposals should clearly relate to the work of the journal and engage with topical issues and debates. The proposed issue should be for 8-12 articles of 7,000-8,000 words, plus an introductory, contextualising editorial of 3,000-5,000 words.


Proposals should include:

  • Title of the proposed issue;
  • Brief statement of the rationale and topicality for the issue and how each article relates to that rationale;
  • Full contact details of the guest editor(s);
  • Individual article details, including author names, titles and an abstract (300 words max.);
  • Biography of each contributor (100 words max.);
  • Schedule of work.


Proposers should indicate how far advanced the project is and whether any manuscripts already exist in draft versions. Please indicate in your submission any demonstrable previous experience of editing and how you propose to manage the challenges presented by the task. The JCER editors are available for advice and to ensure that standards are met; it is not their role to edit the special issue. We are particularly keen to see proposals that include contributions from doctoral candidates and early career researchers, as well as more established scholars. In addition, proposals that are inter- or multi-disciplinary in nature are of special interest.


Editorial tasks include the following:

  • Suggesting reviewers to JCER editors - 3 per article;
  • Managing communications with contributing authors and JCER editors;
  • Managing revision processes;
  • Editing and proofreading;
  • Ensuring all contributing authors meet deadlines.


The papers must be reviewed according to JCER standards in time to be passed to the JCER editors for final approval. Proposers and authors should be aware that this can be a tight timetable to manage.


All research articles in the special issue will be sent for double blind review. Reviewers should not have participated in any discussions or workshops held prior to submission of the proposal, such that they could identify the authors. Special issue editors should be prepared to remove contributions from the issue should they fail to meet the required standard or to fit with the vision of the special issue editors. Authors should be made aware of this. The JCER editors reserve the right to reject any articles that do not meet the required standards of the Journal.


Proposals should be submitted to Dr Christopher Huggins (JCER Editor) by the deadline of 15 December 2018. Email to:


Proposals will then be considered by a selection panel comprised of members of the JCER Editorial Board and the UACES Graduate Forum Committee. The decision of the selection panel will be final.


The successful team will be informed by beginning of February 2019 at latest.